Rules & Regulations

The Woodinville Memorial Mead is two acres of land donated by Ira and Susan Woodin from their homestead for the burial of area residents.  The Woodinville Cemetery Association is a 501(c)(13) non-profit corporation governed by a board of 12 volunteers.


• The Woodinville Cemetery does allow above-the-ground headstones. They must be installed by a headstone company. There is a one-time fee of $500, payable to the Woodinville Cemetery before installation. The fee helps pay for the extra maintenance.  

• There is no extra fee for flat headstones

• On a single plot, the maximum width of the above-ground portion of a marker is 38 inches.

• Permanent granite vases must be above ground level.

• Vases with flat headstones must be the kind that are put away into the ground.


These rules are intended to:

• Honor the dead.

• Protect graves and markers.

• Give the cemetery grounds a neat appearance.

• Facilitate grounds maintenance.

• Provide a safe place for people to visit.


All persons visiting the cemetery are expected to honor the dead with appropriate behavior:

• Two walk-through gates are available for visitors from dawn to dusk.  Do not enter after dark.

• Parents are responsible for their children's behavior; children shall not run or play in the cemetery.

• Pets are prohibited in the cemetery.

• Please do not litter; use the garbage cans at both ends of the cemetery.

• Please do not disturb graves or markers.



• Only human remains may be buried.

• The Woodinville Cemetery is reserved for persons with some connection to the Woodinville area.

• Plot owners may not sell their plot, except to the cemetery at the original purchase price paid.

• Plot owners may designate the family member or friend who will use the plot.

• A relative of a plot owner without a deed of ownership will be granted use rights only if they can produce written proof that no other family members have interest in that plot.

• If a plot has not been used within 70 years of purchase, or contact with the cemetery has not been made within 70 years, the cemetery reserves the right to re-assign that plot.

• The cemetery has the right to re-assign plot location if unrecorded evidence of a previous pioneer burial in that location is found.

• No interment it permitted without certification from a funeral home.  Any funeral home may use the Woodinville Cemetery, except Acacia.

• A plot must be paid for before use; the cemetery does not finance purchases.

• Opening and closing of the grave is to be paid for before use; cost is determined by our contracted service provider.

• All burials must be marked with a permanent marker within one year of the burial.

• Full burials shall be in concrete liners sold by the cemetery or vaults sold by the funeral home.

• One plot holds one full burial or 4 cremation burials; a cremation burial can on top of a full burial at $250 each.

• Notice for need of an interment must be made at least three days before interment so that ground can be prepared.

• Permission for removing interments will be in accordance with RCW 68.50

• Items on a grave, other than flowers, must be approved by the cemetery board.

• Flowers must be in disposable containers.  The cemetery reserves the right to dispose of flower containers.

• Artificial flowers are permissible, but will be disposed of if they become unsightly.

• Holiday decorations are allowed, but will be removed for mowing or when they become unsightly.



• Contract for maintenance of grounds and graves. 

• Contract for improvements to grounds and graves. 

• Contract for opening and closing of graves.

• Authorize placement or replacement of grave markers.