Rules & Regulations

Please contact the Cemetery at for the most recent version of the Rules and Regulations as they change periodically. The most recent version of the Rules and Regulations adopted by the Board are in effect, not necessarily what is on the website. The Rules and Regulations on the Website may not be the most recent version of the Rules and Regulations.

The Rules and Regulations of the Woodinville Cemetery (“Cemetery”) are intended to:

Honor the dead; protect the graves and headstones; give the Cemetery grounds a neat appearance; facilitate grounds maintenance; and provide a safe and welcoming place for people to visit.


According to the wishes of Ira and Susan Woodin when they donated the land for the Cemetery, the Cemetery is reserved for persons with a connection to the Woodinville area (“Eligible Persons”).

  • Eligible Persons must reside in the 98072 or 98077 zip codes, or in the area of Bothell adjacent to the 98072 zip code defined as SR522 to the south, 120th Ave NE to the west, and the Snohomish County line to the north, and the 98072 zip code to the east.
  • An Eligible Person is defined as someone who is a direct relative or descendant of someone who is buried or has purchased a plot in the Cemetery. This includes grandparents, spouses, children, parents, brothers, sisters, and domestic partners. This also includes step/half/adopted parents, siblings and children.
  • If someone believes they have a connection to Woodinville and they do not qualify as an Eligible Person, they may appeal to the Woodinville Cemetery Board of Directors.


  • All persons visiting the Cemetery are expected to honor the dead with appropriate behavior.
  • Two walk-through gates are available for visitors from dawn to dusk. Do not enter after dark.
  • Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior; children shall not run or play in the Cemetery.
  • Pets are prohibited in the Cemetery.
  • Please do not litter; use the garbage cans at both end of the Cemetery.
  • Please do not disturb the graves and headstones.
  • Consumption of alcohol is prohibited in the Cemetery.


  • Only human remains may be buried in the Cemetery.
  • A plot must be paid for at the time of purchase; the Cemetery does not finance purchases. Plots will not be held or reserved for future purchase.
  • One full casket burial plot can be used for one casket burial plus up to four cremation burials on top of the casket; or for up to four cremation burials. Individual cremation burial plots are also available.
  • Plot owners or their executor may designate Eligible Persons who may use the plot. See Eligibility Criteria.
  • A relative of a plot owner without deed or proof of interment rights will be granted use rights only if they can prove lineage and produce written proof that no other descendants have interest in that plot.
  • Plot owners may not sell their plot, except to the Cemetery at the original purchase price paid.
  • An unused burial plot may be reclaimed consistent with the provisions of RCW 68.36 or its successor statute.
  • The Cemetery has the right to reassign a plot location if unrecorded evidence of a previous burial in that location is found, or if an interment will not fit in the plot.


  • No casket interment is permitted without certification from a funeral home. Any licensed funeral home may use the Cemetery for interment of eligible persons.
  • Interment and other costs are to be paid for before the burial according to the Cemetery’s price list in effect at the date of service. There will be no sale of prepaid services.
  • Full casket burials shall be in concrete liners sold by the Cemetery or in vaults sold by the funeral home.
  • Notice for the need of an interment must be made in advance to facilitate scheduling of the service. The date of interment shall be approved at the sole discretion of the Cemetery. All interment services must be done by a bonded, licensed company.
  • All burials must be marked with a Cemetery approved Headstone within one year of the burial.
  • Permission for removing interments will be in accordance with RCW 68.50.


  • This section refers to Headstones, Monuments, Markers and Memorials in the same context. The regulation will refer to all of these objects as Headstones.
  • All Headstones must be purchased and installed by a licensed Company or by the Cemetery and approved by the Cemetery for size and design prior to production and installation.
  • Grass Plots - Flat Headstones: Standard Maximum size is 36”x18”x4” over full plots and individual cremation plots. Any deviation from these Maximum measurements must be approved in advance with Cemetery Personnel.
  • Garden Plot Memorials must measure 12”x8”x4”. Installation in the cremation Garden Plots will be provided by cemetery personnel.
  • Upright Memorials are allowed over full size grass plots. Maximum height is 44 inches from ground level and Maximum width 36 inches. This measurement includes Tablet, Base and Foundation. Only one upright memorial is allowed per plot and must be placed at the head of the plot. The Cemetery charges a one-time maintenance fee for upright memorials that must be paid before installation.
  • Blocks Two and Five to the Northeast side of the cemetery are considered Pioneer Sections. Headstones must coincide with traditional headstones found in those sections. Maximum size for Upright headstones in these blocks is 38 inch Height by 36 inch Width. Black granite and dark colored headstones are prohibited in these sections.
  • Double Width Upright Memorials including Benches must not exceed Maximum Height 44 inches, and maximum Width 84 inches. These measurements include Tablet, Base and Foundation installed over two plots.
  • Setting and On-site Engraving must be scheduled in advance with the Cemetery prior to the work being performed. Removal of headstones for off-site engraving or additional interment and reinstallation is at the expense of the owner and must be scheduled.
  • Permanent granite vases must be installed as part of the Raised Headstone. Vases for flat Memorials must be the type stored in the ground.
  • Headstones must be ordered and installed within one year after interment to formally mark the grave. The Cemetery will install a small temporary marker for up to one year following interment to identify the burial. The temporary marker will be removed after one year.
  • Our regulations do not allow families to plant trees, shrubs or other plants due to overgrowth and additional maintenance by cemetery personnel. Homemade markers are prohibited.
  • The Cemetery will endeavor to see that Headstones remain in good condition. However, it does not bind itself to maintain, repair or replace any Headstone or structure which might be damaged due to weather, age, vandalism or normal maintenance.


  • Decorations will be defined as anything natural or artificial such as but not limited to flowers (real or artificial), figurines, stuffed animals, ornaments, wrought iron, urns, photographs and the like. No trees, shrubs, flowers, perennials, or other items may be planted or installed on or around a plot. Homemade Headstones are not allowed.
  • The general guideline for removal is when the Decorations become dead, faded, broken, or anything of a similar nature (particularity artificial flowers) or when they damage the grass and to facilitate mowing.
  • Decorations must be placed on a Headstone. Potted plants in containers are allowed on graves as long as the container remains atop the confines of the Headstone. Flowers or decorations not placed on a Headstone will be removed for lawn maintenance. Glass containers are discouraged but are allowed May thru September.
  • Holiday decorations will be removed after 30 days or when they become unsightly.
  • Items scattered in the Cemetery by the birds will be discarded by the Cemetery in its sole discretion.
  • Decorations and other items placed on plots with no headstone will be removed for lawn maintenance or if it becomes unsightly.


Contract for maintenance of grounds and graves; contract for improvements to ground and graves; contract for opening and closing of graves; and authorize placement or replacement of Headstones.


The Woodinville Cemetery does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.