In the past 18 years, the cemetery board has been able to oversee numerous projects to beautify the grounds because of generous donations, plot sales and Boy Scout Eagle projects. They include:

• New south wall and wrought-iron fence

• Flowering trees and new sidewalk on south side

• Laurel hedge on east side removed

• Locust trees by back entrance removed

• Water meter installed

• Eagle Scout project installed flag lighting

• Landscaping of west side of grounds

• Irrigation installed

• New sod for entire cemetery

• Eagle Scout project to build base for totem pole                    

• New east side wrought iron fence

• New back entrance with parking

• Eagle Scout project to mark 70 unmarked graves

• Eagle Scout project built a brick Memory Wall.   

• Eagle Scout project to refurbish pergola built in 1912

• Rebuild original bench in pergola

• Restore fountain and build scatter garden for ashes

• Eagle Scout project built benches by the new fountain

• Retaining wall in NW corner; landscape area

• Gravel driveway and parking area on the north side

• New shed and riding mower

• Rhododendron garden and retaining wall on north side with room for cremation burials

• Pave center drive



• Replace roof on pergola