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Woodinville Recessional Memorial Mead was the original name of the cemetery.  Mead is a variation of the word meadow.  Recessional means leaving.  Thus, this is the meadow where Woodinville pioneers were buried upon leaving the earthly world.

The Woodin Family
The land for the cemetery was given by Ira and Susan Woodin who settled here in 1871. On April 4, 1898 Ira and Susan Woodin deeded the southeast acre of their homestead to the Woodinville Cemetery Association, whose members were Thomas Sanders, Gus Jakobson and Emmanuel Nelson.The deed was recorded January 18, 1899 in King County, Volume 233 of Deeds, page 223. On December 31, 1910 Susan and Frank A. Woodin deeded additional land to the Woodinville Cemetery Association, whose members at that time were Nels Carlson, Charles Hoffman and William Jaderholm.

Across the street to the east was the town church. The entrance to the cemetery grounds was originally on 132nd NE directly across the street. Thus, the oldest graves are on the east side of the cemetery grounds in Blocks 1 and 2.

The Board of Directors is guided by the Woodinville Cemetery Association mission statement: To fulfill the wishes of Ira and Susan Woodin to make the southeast two acres of their homestead available to the dead of Woodinville and the surrounding area. The Woodinville Memorial Mead is a pioneer cemetery operated by the Woodinville Cemetery Association, a non-profit 501(c)(13) corporation incorporated in 1985 and staffed by a 12-member board of volunteers. Its EIN is 91-1334756.

From 1912 to about 1950, Woodinville pioneer Elmer Carlberg maintained the cemetery and built many improvements including the original ornate entrance on NE 175th, the fountain, the pergola and most of the landscaping.

As a non-profit organization, the cemetery maintains an endowment fund that assures maintenance in perpetuity.


Rules & Regulations

The Woodinville Memorial Mead is two acres of land donated by Ira and Susan Woodin from their homestead for the burial of area residents.  The Woodinville Cemetery Association is a 501(c)(13) non-profit corporation governed by a board of 12 volunteers.


These rules are intended to:

• Honor the dead.

• Protect graves and markers.

• Give the cemetery grounds a neat appearance.

• Facilitate grounds maintenance.

• Provide a safe place for people to visit.


All persons visiting the cemetery are expected to honor the dead with appropriate behavior:

• A walk-through entrance is available for visitors from dawn to dusk.  Do not enter after dark.

• Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children; children shall not run or play in the cemetery.

• Pets are prohibited in the cemetery.

• Please do not litter; use the garbage cans at both ends of the cemetery.

• Please do not remove flowers or vegetation.

• Please do not disturb graves or markers.


• Only human remains may be buried.

• The Woodinville Cemetery is reserved for persons with some connection to the Woodinville area.

• Plot owners may not sell their plot, except to the cemetery at the original purchase price paid.

• Plot owners may designate the family member or friend who will use the plot.

• A relative of a plot owner without a deed of ownership will be granted use rights only if they can produce written proof that no other family members have interest in that plot.

• If a plot has not been used within 70 years of purchase, or contact with the cemetery has not been made within 70 years, the cemetery reserves the right to re-assign that plot.

• The cemetery has the right to re-assign plot location if unrecorded evidence of a previous pioneer burial in that location is found.

• No interment it permitted without certification from a funeral home.  Any funeral home may use the Woodinville Cemetery.

• A plot must be paid for before use; the cemetery does not finance purchases.

• Opening and closing of the grave is to be paid for before use; cost is determined by our contracted service provider.

• All burials must be marked with a permanent marker within 6 months of the burial.

• Full burials shall be in concrete liners sold by the cemetery.

• One plot will be for one full burial or 4 cremation burials; a cremation burial shall not be made in the space of a full burial.

• Notice for need of an interment must be made at least three days before interment so that ground can be prepared.

• Welfare inurnments (cremation) of eligible Woodinville residents, in an area designated by the cemetery without possibility of disinterment will be performed without a graveside service at no cost.

• Permission for removing interments will be in accordance with RCW 68.50

• A grave marker may be above or flush to the ground, but not larger than its plot size.  If above, must be at least 6’’ tall to void damage by mower.  There is a one-time charge of $250 for an above-ground marker to defray the extra maintenance costs.

• Structures, flowerbeds, shrubs, hedges, trees, rocks, gravel, and enclosures on grave are prohibited.

• Flowers must be in disposable containers.  The cemetery reserves the right to dispose of flower containers.

• Artificial flowers are permissible, but will be disposed of if they become unsightly.

• Holiday decorations are allowed, but will be removed for mowing or when they become unsightly.


• Contract for maintenance of grounds and graves. 

• Contract for improvements to grounds and graves. 

• Contract for opening and closing of graves.

• Authorize placement or replacement of grave markers.



In the past 15 years, the cemetery board has been able to oversee numerous projects to beautify the grounds because of generous donations, plot sales and Boy Scout Eagle projects. They include:

• New south wall and wrought-iron fence

• Flowering trees and new sidewalk on south side

• Laurel hedge on east side removed

• Locust trees by back entrance removed

• Water meter installed

• Eagle Scout project installed flag lighting

• Landscaping of west side of grounds

• Irrigation installed

• New sod for entire cemetery

• Eagle Scout project to build base for totem pole                    

• New east wall and wrought iron fence

• New back entrance with parking

• Eagle Scout project to mark 70 unmarked graves

• Eagle Scout project built a brick Memory Wall.   

• Eagle Scout project to refurbish pergola built in 1912

• Rebuild original bench in pergola

• Restore fountain and build scatter garden for ashes

• Eagle Scout project built benches by the new fountain

• Retaining wall in NW corner; landscape area

• Gravel driveway and parking area on the north side

• New shed and riding mower

• Rhododendron garden and retaining wall on north side with room for cremation burials



• More trees on north and south perimeters